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I AM DONE! There comes a time in life where you feel exactly that, done with the crying, done with the unhappiness, done with the sadness, done with feeling a victim, and the instant that you FEEL that, ALL WILL CHANGE!

I AM DONE is a statement of TRUTH to the Universe. You are telling the Universe that you are no longer willing to accept experiencing how life is showing up for you which will only do one thing for you, and that is to push you into your Divine Destiny.

I AM DONE is an affirmative statement to the Universe which gives you the power to no longer "accept" the way life is showing up for you and gives you the power to change it. I AM DONE gives you the power to no longer be caught in the vicious never ending "victim" cycle. It says to the Universe I AM no longer willing to be where I AM now and puts the universe on notice that you are no longer willing to accept where you are Physically, Mentally, or Emotionally.

If you have a job that is no longer fulfilling you - I AM DONE, and then go and find a job that you feel can help you get to that space of fulfilment. If you are in a relationship or have none and desire one- I AM DONE, and then go out and create relationships with people or make the decision if your not happy to end the one you are in.

If you have a relationship with yourself and you are not happy- I AM DONE, and then commit yourself to building a happy peaceful relationship with Self, however that looks to you. If you feel that Life is always throwing problems at you and you feel like you can never get ahead-I AM DONE, and find ways in which you are able to clear your plate, find a space of peace and continue to move forward.

Take Responsibility for what is causing you the unhappiness, and not run from problems. Find out what is driving this unhappiness within you and then decide to change it.

When you choose to come at life from this standpoint you have chosen to take your power back and say to the Universe I AM the creator of my life, I AM the master of my world, and the Universe can do no-thing except obey. If your feeling Struggle right now- I AM DONE, and find another way of living that brings you Inner Peace.

Most Importantly, while walking through your dark night of the Soul, do not beat yourself up verbally, physically, or emotionally, do not criticize yourself, berate yourself, or judge yourself, and above all, STOP LIMITING YOURSELF!!

You KNOW that what you think and what you speak is what you create, so STOP LIMITING YOURSELF in what you are saying about yourself. Pick yourself back up, put yourself back on your path, and let yourself KNOW........I AM DONE!


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