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This picture reminds you of Fall doesn't it? And what is Fall about? LETTING GO!

Just like the leaves on this tree fall to the ground with ease and grace so too does your past, If you chose for it too.

And what I mean by that is once you have made the choice to drop the past, keep it there it cannot be picked up or changed. These leaves cannot no matter how much they desire, go back on the limbs of this tree and that is the same thing with the experiences in your life!

There is NO WAY anyone can go back and change, do different, remake, or do anything about something that has already occurred!

What we can do however, is just what the limbs on this tree does every year. We can grow anew! Yes, it is uncomfortable, Yes, it does not "feel" right, Yes, it takes time, although in the end we come out with New thoughts, ideas, and a new perspective, ALL because we were WILLING to LET GO!

One thing Angels I AM remembering more and more as I journey is, to HAVE FUN with Life! The more FUN I have the less serious I take life and the more enjoyment I have, the easier I AM finding my life to BE. Getting stuck in what ifs, how comes's, and shoulda, woulda, coulda DOES NOT WORK FOR ME!  What about yourself?

The more you journey the easier life becomes! I used to think that there was a time where I could sit and rest, because "I got it" and yet Life is not like that! I have come to accept that as long as I have breath in my body I will have to remain Conscious of what I don't choose and keep my energy focused on what I do choose!

Spiritual Practice.....that is the path you are on! Spiritual Practice.....key word Angels is practice! And the more I do practice the easier, better, and more fulfilled my life has become to the point now that when the Universe asks....ARE YOU WILLING TO LET answer is an automatic YES!

What is your answer? If not Yes, ask yourself what it is that you still choose to hang onto. If your afraid, ask yourself what is it that I AM fearful of? If you have no answer and are in a space of neutral, ask yourself what FEAR am I holding onto and what is it that is holding you from moving forward? Hanging onto anything I have come to experience is not healthy, peaceful, fulfilled, or a FUN way to live and because that is so Angels.....I AM WILLING TO LET GO!


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