• Heather Buzzard


By: Sebastian Schug

Identifying “love” as the spiritual, psychic, or metaphysical bond that exists within the universe of uniting two tangibly structured human beings is, by definition, one most popularly referred to by the term.

While correct on a surface level, it is also not the only manner of which the concept of “love” can be referred to as, and through understanding the abstract nature of this proposed connection being established through other means, such as a non-human connection, or through self-reflection/self-actualization to name a few examples.

Within a personal standpoint, the most important type of affection one can potentially give to oneself is that of self-love and appreciation respectively. Without properly understanding both one’s strengths, as well as limitations in physical, emotional, and mental standpoints, such individual is destined to fall short of any intended result.

It is of thorough belief that how a particular individual takes care of him/herself lays the foundation of how that very same individual will come to further communicate (either through a manner of respect or critique) with other individuals, regardless of class, status, or other differentiating factors.

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