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In The Process.....

Everything has to start from this picture above, to create a new meal, you have to start with the basics and build from there! So too, is Life! If you chose to have something you must start somewhere and build upon that!

We will give you and example, when BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE first began we started with a blog page, and blogged for five years, then we went into Radio and have done that going on our 5th Season and then we built our website, and then we built our YouTube Page, and then we went into Win Win Women TV, and then we have rebuilt our Website again yet, our whole point is we started with our Blog Page.

And life is the same way as life is also a process. It takes patience, willingness to move forward, courage, strength, and more yet, upon each block that you build upon the momentum becomes stronger and before you know it you can look back and truly see what you have created.

We are reminding myself and you as well that everything is a process and it is when we desire to skip over the process that life can become upside down! Insanity is an upside down mindset moving through life!

Give yourself permission to enjoy the process of life. Give yourself permission to enjoy the pace of life and your involvement in it. Give yourself permission to enjoy the process of your life because that is truly where the JOY of the journey is......In The Process....


bringing people back to themselves

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