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It will look different, yet we can still BE Grateful!

This year the Holiday Season will look a little different because of COVID19. yet what if this was God's plan all along....Go with me for a minute. We in the World are so caught up in the things, and drama of life whereas this Holiday season all that drama and chaos won't be, and yet we are still to give thanks and BE grateful!

So, what are you thankful for and appreciative of in 2020? I challenge you to make a list of 10 things that you have to BE grateful for throughout this 2020. 10 things and if you say you don't have it, look a little deeper and BE creative!

I AM grateful for my relationship with Spirit on a deeper level

I AM grateful for my health, wealth, & peace of mind

I AM grateful for my family parents, brothers and sisters

I AM grateful for a warm house, food to eat, bed to sleep in, ability to start my day fresh and clean

I AM grateful for my transportation as it takes me wherever I choose to go

I AM grateful for my Church Family as they have sustained me this year!

I AM grateful that I AM willing to go deeper in my relationship with Spirit

I AM grateful that I trust, have faith, and believe!

I AM grateful for BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE & BEING an example to humanity

I AM grateful to ALL OF YOU!

Angels, 10 things! I KNOW you can do it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Season and remember the TRUE reason for this holiday! Give thanks to God!! AND SO IT IS AMEN!!


bringing people back to themselves

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