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Do you find yourself in a space such as that now? Your thinking, I'm saying the right things, I'm doing what I'm suppose to occasionally.  Meaning, meditate sporadically, affirm positive energy almost daily, drink water consistently, exercise now and then, working with the Moon Energies,  I'm doing it , I'm following the rules so what is going on?  

What I just described above is the way that I felt multiple times throughout my 31 year journey and it was not until maybe 15 years into this that I REALLY, I  mean REALLY began to believe this.  I can hear you now, "15 years! that is way too long"  and that is EGO screaming NO! Remember in the Spiritual though there is no such thing as time. Think about it, if you have just started this path  and prior to this you have had 20 or more years of Negative practice do you really believe that all that would dissipate in just a couple of years?

Do you even think that right now, you are believing what you are saying? I thought that I did too only to come to discover that it was EGO that thought that.  It was 15 years into my Spiritual Journey until I really really really began to believe this. Repetition works wonders!  Now, I'm not saying it will take you that long what with the speed up of time and yet, realistically KNOW that it will take some time. It maybe 5 or 7 years until you really really really believe what your saying.

And in the meantime you keep plugging away. You keep going back to the drawing board, so to speak and you refine yourself each time. You notice yourself thinking different, your noticing new thoughts come into your mind, physically on the outside your changing, your feeling a bit better emotionally as the days move on, you laugh more, your noticing that you don't take things so seriously, and you notice that you are allowing yourself to begin to color outside the lines.

All of that is preparing you. Preparing you for the next step, which is actually believing what you are saying!  And the reason why you will believe it is because the more you walk this path the more you prove to yourself you are changing. You feel it, you see it in yourself, others notice, your confidence level shoots up, your feeling a little less angry inside, your more willing, and you notice and feel within yourself that you are more committed.

And all of that, All of that is what is needed for you to get to the next level which is belief!  If you are 100% honest with yourself do you believe what your saying now? Heck, I KNOW for me, even now I will say something and turn right back around and look myself dead in my eye and say, "Heather, you didn't believe a damn word you just said." And you know what, that is okay!

Acceptance plays a HUGE role in your life. Are you accepting where you are? That you are not where your EGO would like for you to be? All of this, is part of waking up which is why in the beginning you will be..........JUST TALKING IT, & NOT WALKING IT until your not anymore!


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