• Heather Buzzard


Studying the picture above each and everyone of us can label each person! Yet, how can we know? We are judging by apperances and labeling what WE think is happening! Angels, our world is the way it is BECAUSE of our LABELS we put on ourselves and each other.

You may be saying "I don't label people". oh yeah I say, take this short survey below and be honest with yourself and see how we can LABEL people and things without even realizing it!

A) driving by homeless people how many of us have labeled them druggies, drunks, no good, waste of life, sucking off the system, having to "pay for them"

B) Young girls on the streets prostituting and we say their pimped out, cracked out, or strung out

C) Republicans or Democrats are Stupid, Idiots, Liars, Racsit, Uppity, Scum bags, and the list can go on regarding politics, yet it is STILL ALL LABELS!

D) Your in a parking lot with yourself and you see a black man coming toward you and you automatically lock the doors.......LABELS ANGELS!!!! I'm guilty of that myself!

E) We see Women with all this weave and colored hair, nail, makeup, what LABELS do we attach to that? I have heard Fake, Wanna Be, Uppity, Trying to be white, Yet still Angels, ALL LABELS!

Where do you LABEL? To be honest I have done everyone one of the things listed above. Yet, I have also been on the other side of that and have BEEN LABELED only for others to see that that wasn't so! Imagine a World FREE of Labels, what does that look like to you?

So, we leave off where we began......In what ways do you put LABELS on yourself or others?


bringing people back to themselves

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