• Heather Buzzard


What is your life mirroring to YOU? Looking at this picture we clearly see how life is able to mirror perfection back to us.  Beautiful, no?  Taking a deeper look we can clearly see the change of the leaves, some branches are bare others full of green leaves.  Says to you that change is inevitable.  As seasons change so to do our lives.

This picture also mirrors to you, STILLNESS, In the Stillness the peace will be found.  How often in your day do you choose to BE STILL?  Now with time speeding up it no longer takes hours of meditation or ritual prayer saying to come in alignment and BE STILL.  26 seconds now. Take a few deep breaths hold your thumb to your two middle fingers and BE STILL for 26 seconds.  Very Powerful.

This picture also mirrors abundance. How rich life is, how much there is for ALL to enjoy, the never ending cycle of the goodness of God!  You too are able to mirror that same abundance through intentional focus on positive affirmations daily, blessing everything that comes in an out of your life regardless of judgement, KNOWING you are prosperity simply by BEING.

It also says that life is in constant renewal. No matter where you  may be at this time or what you may be experiencing you know that it is only a temporary cycle. EVERYTHING changes eventually.  A lot depends on your thinking of things, and becoming aware of what you truly do choose!

NOW, you have this great opportunity to really decide, choose, and focus within yourself in what ways is it, that..........YOUR LIFE IS TRULY MIRRORING YOU!


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©2019 BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved