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Are your needs being met? Not desires, needs? I can remember getting the two confused when I first started on my Spiritual Path! I felt at that time that if my desires were not met, then my Needs were not being met either, which was NOT TRUE!

"Not true", you wonder,"how could that be? I have felt the same thing!" What I did to bring myself clarity was I chose to come to a greater understanding of what desire is, and what is considered a "need", and what I found out was pretty interesting so may I suggest that you go on your own search!

For me, what I discovered were NEEDS are: food on the table, lights, water, a roof over my head, clothes, good health, mobility, and prosperity. ALL of which I receive continuously! DESIRES on the other hand are: trip to Africa, Soul mate Relationship, New clothing, Investing into my business, iPhones, iPads, things of that nature, which is totally different then NEEDS!

All of my frustration, anger, feelings of unfairness, all of that came from me, I feel, not having a clear understanding of NEEDS vs. DESIRES! Are you in that space at all? If so, may I suggest that you take some time for yourself and become CLEAR within yourself about your DESIRES/NEEDS keeping in mind that NEEDS are tied to your living.

Get a piece of paper and make 2 sides and list all of your DESIRES, and then on the other side list all of your NEEDS!

Then, if you choose too, go back through and reread it to yourself to check and make sure that your NEEDS are truly NEEDS, and your DESIRES are truly DESIRES, say a prayer of thanksgiving, and release it to the Universe, however that looks for YOU, and keep moving forward.

One tip, I suggest is that you allow yourself time to BE QUIET as BEING QUIET works wonders all in itself!

Are your NEEDS being met? After making your list you can become more aware of what is a NEED and what is a DESIRE? When I first did this exercise I just KNEW my needs were not being met, and oh how wrong I was! This exercise for me, helped me to become clearer, to have more discernment, and to come to KNOW that as God has promised, All of my NEEDS are being met!

NEEDS vs. DESIRES..... once you become clear as to where your attention is being placed you will KNOW like I do, that God truly is meeting ALL of YOUR NEEDS!



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