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Think about this for a moment.....Non-Conflicting.....what does that say to you? 

I was at a point in my life (mid 30's) where I was just getting the concept of "non-conflicting"....All of my life I had been told about "attitude"..... You need to change your attitude....I spent 18+ years trying to figure out what "attitude" was when FINALLY one day I got it.....I have the ability to chose to be non-conflicting which in turn will affect my thoughts, which will affect my words, which will affect what I chose to create which will affect what I choose to experience.....

So, I am doing just that....Choosing to be non-conflicting.....You ask....What is that? How do you choose to be non-conflicting....I will tell you how I've chosen to be non-conflicting and that is in my response to people, situations, or circumstances....and do you know what I have realized....that 9 times out of 10 I receive what it is I desire by being peaceful about it in the first place!

And it is in this space that I have experienced LIFE coming to me!! It is in a space such as this that TRUST, FAITH, and ALLOWING play a big role.TRUSTING  God, TRUSTING the Universe, TRUSTING that what you say and feel is YOUR TRUTH and what you say you will create!  By BEING NON-CONFLICTING you can CREATE anything that you choose as long as you  place your focus and energy into it KNOWING that you will experience it!

CREATIVE BEINGS is who we are. And from my own experience in life I have come to realize that I AM the Creator of my life. Anything that I AM able to hold in my Consciousness has to manifest! I have said several times Angels that what you think, and speak is how you create! KNOWING that, are you able to connect the dots and really see that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE?

...........AMAZING....AMAZING......AMAZING...... So the next time you are in a situation....instead of reacting....( doing what you have always done).....try CREATING what you desire, for it is in CREATION that choice comes and with choice comes peace, and the only way you can experience Peace is only with choosing NON-CONFLICTING experiences, and NON-CONFLICTING EXPERIENCES IS CREATION!


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