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NON RESISTANCE IS KEY...if we choose to live!

Think about that for a moment. I quite often say "What you resist persist, what you look at and hold disappears".Have you had the experience of those words above? What may be happening in your life right now where you find yourself resisting? Work, Home, Personal Relationship, Children? What I have come to KNOW is that life works best letting go. I have come to KNOW that it is when I AM hanging on, trying to control, direct, judge, and criticize that my life DOES NOT WORK! Nonresistance does not mean that you stay in an abusive situation or environment that is not healthy for you, as wisdom plays a role as well. What I have also realized, is that it is when we are able to turn away from such situations WITHOUT the judgment or criticism and instead allow ourselves to be guided and directed by Spirit that we experience our greater good. I have come to KNOW and experience that it is when I DON'T STRIKE BACK, that I feel myself rising up and becoming stronger and MORE confident in Who I AM.

Yet, we have Public Officials and Representatives of Congress and a past President who aren't willing to allow choice, aren't willing to allow the flow of life and instead have a desire to FORCE humanity to LIVE the way THEY think we ought live and that my Angels will always create CHAOS!!!

God gave man FREE WILL is man going to take FREE WILL from GOD? That is what is happening in this 21st Century! So, You I and all who walk this planet have a CHOICE to make. What do you choose because to choose nothing is still a choice and then we are left to experience the consequences!

Yet there will be NO WORLD if we allow our self to just flow with whatever and deal with it later! We have a tiny man ready to destroy this world all over his EGO and because he is backed in a corner and he has PRIDE which will kill us ALL! Life is a choice. You can choose drama, chaos, strife, and unrest which is the way of the EGO. OR, you can choose peace, divine order, Strength, and rest, which is the way of the Spirit, all while REMEMBERING that...NONRESISTANCE IS KEY! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE! ©2022BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved

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