• Heather Buzzard


What thoughts were you planting within the Consciousness of your mind so  that come this Fall the thoughts and ideas that were planted will have begun to blossom so that you may enjoy their experiences throughout the fall season?  

I can hear a lot of you saying, "I don't know."  which to that I will say, It is all part of the Awareness game that you are playing.  If your not aware of what your thinking or what YOU have planted or allowed to take root in your mind then who is?  Part of accepting Responsibility for your your life I feel, is also KNOWING and accepting the fact that you, and only you have sole control over what you choose to think on, and being a big believer, that what you think and what you speak creates your life, it would only serve you to think & speak positively.

KNOWING that what you are thinking manifests in your life I feel, it benefits you to keep your thoughts geared towards the positive.  To do that you need to plant new thoughts, new ideas, new responses, a new way of thinking and allow the old to fall away and drop like leaves on a tree as seasons change. Eventually those new thoughts and ideas will become a lifestyle for you and you no longer are "thinking" about it.

In the beginning when I was saying affirmations, and remembering about Spirituality, and doing my own research I felt like NOTHING was happening, and I would get frustrated, angry, and upset, which was only blocking my path. At the time I did not see that but as time went on and I became more and more Aware I realized that my anger and upset was stopping me more than it was helping! 

It takes "time" for that positive energy to sink into your Soul. For me, the more research I would do about Spirituality the more curious I would become and then that would lead me down a different path and I would remember another part of myself, and get caught up in all of that Energy and not remain focused on what I was doing.

My journey was like being a Farmer. I choose to prepare the soil, by doing forgiveness work, purging, cleansing, letting go, then I choose to plant the seed, and develop new thought/thoughts about life and then I would water the seedling, meaning I began to notice what I was thinking about after I planted the seed and then I would direct and chose what thoughts to think, which was strengthening my muscles of discipline within my mind to stay focused on Truth!  And then I waited, and waited, and waited!  

And the waiting in Spiritual terms could mean until you see, feel, or experience something breaking within you.

And Angels it is only after ALL that work that the Farmer gets to reap what he has sown and come Fall he is able to pick his harvest, and sit back and Enjoy and that is the space that I now find myself in! The space where after years of planting, sowing, turning, releasing, letting go, and changing my mind that I AM, just now, beginning to REAP MY HARVEST!

And the same is true for you as well.  The more you allow yourself to search, ask questions, discover, and allow Spirit to guide you, the more you will be able to reap what YOU have within you as well, as EVERYTHING is in divine perfect order and even though it may not feel or look like it at times, YOUR life is benefiting you. I promise you that if you keep on keeping on you too will be able to REAP YOUR HARVEST, I promise.

Today we live in a microwave society where we desire to have everything yesterday.  Spirituality does not work that way.  It takes time for Truth to take root mainly because it is a new way of BEING that you are developing and your EGO does not choose to let go, until it does.  So, KNOWING all of that, I will end as I always do with what I began with, What thoughts are you planting within your mind so that you may be able to......REAP YOUR HARVEST come Fall?


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