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Rebirth: what does that word say to you?

What was your first thought when you read those words?

Angels, every day we go through a Rebirth whether we are conscious of it or not! Yet the point is to become conscious of our Rebirth - spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

When we are conscious we can create what we desire instead of feeling like life just throws "whatever" at us.

Rebirth spiritually means developing and creating your own relationship with what it is you call a Higher Power. It means getting close and talking with that Energy as if it's your best friend, trusting that unseen energy like you never have before. It means having Faith that Life is for you, and praying consistently with the unseen energy in a way that works best for you!

Rebirth emotionally means choosing to take your power back by responding to Life instead of reacting! Deep Breathing and Meditating helps one to be in control of their Emotions. Having a Clear Mind and being relaxed all help us regain control of our Emotions. Exercising clears our mind. Being outside in Nature works wonders for us because we see the power of the universe at work through the trees, sky,wind, flowers, fields, etc.

Rebirth mentally means choosing to change your thinking. Angels, I can't state enough how important Affirmations are!

I AM worthy to receive! I AM accepting all my good now! I AM saying Yes to creating my life! I AM choosing to respond to life in all ways! I AM, God IS, WE are ONE!

Angels, repetition always works because it grooves a new track in your consciousness. We are Children of the most High. Do you believe that? By believing that, you will choose to do something different!

Think about it, Angels -- our thinking creates our life. We need spirit, emotions, and mind in sync to truly be happy.

So, why don't we desire to think on happy ideas, things, and situation? Why don´t we respond to life instead of reacting, and why don't we treat the Unseen as our best friend?

Does it have to do with worthiness?

I had to look at that myself, Angels, and change my thoughts on that as well.


Allow your Rebirth to take place within you!


bringing people back to themselves

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