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Creating a new Cultural Story is not easy. It can be done and yet it can also take millions of years. YOU and I are here to recreate that Cultural Story and to make it a more friendly one. Our purpose is to make sure that each Soul in human form has the opportunity to BE, DO, and Have whatever it is that they desire. Not to try to make someone fit into a mold that they deem correct.

A new Cultural Story also depends on each person taking responsibility for his or her actions. To not make excuses or put their power outside of themselves. When we all take responsibility for ourselves we no longer blame people, circumstances, or situations as to why we do not have something, or cannot do something, or cannot be something.

This new Culture that we are developing here on planet earth is one of peace, respect, honesty, and joy. An earth where ALL of us respect its resources and do all we can to make sure the Earth operates smoothly. A story where it matters not the color of your skin, what lanugage you speak, or your religious background. What will matter is that we will KNOW and REMEMBER that you are here to uplift, support, encourage, help, inspire, and love each human form and this earth plane.

Can you imagine an Earth such as this? It starts with our young. What are we teaching them? What are we telling them they can be, do, or have? Are we telling our young to NOT judge on appearances? To be honest with yourself and others no matter what it may look like, feel like, or actually be? Are we teaching our children that skin color does not matter and that because you are in human form you already have done enough?

Are you conscious of the Cultural Story that you hold in your head? If you don't believe that we can create a new Cultural Story then we will not. On the other hand if you believe that the time has come and that it is NOW that we remember that we are all here working together in love then you will create something else. What do you believe that you can BE, DO or HAVE? Do you feel that you have limitations that stop you from fulfilling your hearts desire?

Angels, this is our Time! This is what we have been waiting for. We incarnated NOW to help change the Cultural Story of this world. From FEAR to LOVE. You are here to remind the little ones that they can BE, DO, or HAVE whatever they can hold in their imaginations, and once the little one's "get it" then we are well on our way to......RECREATING A NEW CULTURAL STORY!!!


bringing people back to themselves

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