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Renew, Refresh, & Recreate!

This Month has been a Month of Renewal, Resurrection, and Rebirth in everyone's life in some way shape of form! How has this Easter Renewed you? In what ways have you chosen to "Become Anew"? Even if you have yet to do anything know that everyday you are anew because you are a Child of God! Here are 4 Tips that you can begin to use NOW to recreate yourself.!

1). Each morning give yourself 10 minutes to get closer to the self within you! do some writing, take a walk in nature, listen to the birds, move your body with Yoga or Pilates, if your artist or musician create a new note, or paint a few strokes before getting into your day. LOVE YOURSELF, hug yourself, and speak kindly to yourself!

2.) Eat Healthy food! Challenge yourself to eat well at least 3 times a week. Fruits and Veggies are a great way to get your antioxidants and also nourishes your body! Green drinks, Green smoothies, Salads, Spinach, Kale, Greens, Beets, Squash, Cauliflower, Zucchini, green beans, Veggies Angels and you can eat them raw, cooked with sauce, dip all kinds of ways and there is a lot of information on YouTube on Healthy Eating as well!

3.) REST REST REST how many of us truly give our bodies the REST that it needs? When we do lay down our minds may still be going, and we toss and turn, lay awake, have insomnia, stay up too late, and get up to early or too late and our bodies are out of alignment, Think about this, when you have the proper rest, you feel good, your happy, life flows smoother, your entire energy field is different! REST Angels, do yo receive true REST?

4.) STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT LIFE!! that is right! We humans complain and complain about things we have NO CONTROL OVER and let it ruin our day, week, month, year, years, or lifetime! REALLY? Let me ask you how complaining in life has helped you, uplifted you, encouraged you, inspired you, prepared you, to BE, DO, &HAVE more life! It Doesn't and we KNOW it yet we all still bitch and complain, I promise you Angels if you even implemented Step 4 in your life the other 3 will take care of themselves! It takes a lot of energy to complain and tell the Universe what we don't choose! Let's use our energy in a more constructive way Angels!

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