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This is the time of year when we make our RESOLUTIONS to do better with EVERYTHING in our lives, instead of just an area or two, which I feel is one of the reasons we don't succeed because we take on so much. So, instead of RESOLUTIONS why not shoot for a RESULT in one or two areas of your life and work on that?

I know in this day and age we expect things to happen instantly and when we don't see results we automatically think something is wrong with US When there IS NOT!  So, lets get out your list of RESOLUTIONS and pick one or two things that you are willing to turn into RESULTS instead.

I promise you, YOU will see success, because what you are doing is focusing your Energy on a particular idea or thought and allowing that idea or thought to manifest completley and cleaning up anything that does NOT fit into that picture ONCE AND FOR ALL, whet er it be forgiveness, letting go of old hurts, healing, whatever it is!

Where as RESOLUTIONS are an "idea" of what we would "like" to see happen so we give it a try for a few weeks and when we don't see anything happening we go back to our old ways of behaving bitching and moaning the whole time.  Is that what you choose?

I KNOW for me I AM focusing on one thing and AM committing 60 days to it. 30 days of Letting Go and 30 days to establish a new way of Being. Simple, Yes. Easy, No and yet I AM willing to try since I KNOW there is no such thing as failure in God's Kingdom.

Confidence, Trust, Faith, Willingness, Determination, Desire, the ability to Let Go, Patience & Self Love ALL will help you to see RESULTS in your life and not just a crumpled up piece of paper with unfilled RESOLUTIONS on it come the end of the year.

2020 is hindsight Angels,.........RESOLUTIONS OR RESULTS? One requires being shaken from your comfort zone for two weeks, the other requires actual CHANGE!


bringing people back to themselves!

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