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We always make Resolutions at the start of the year and by the end of the month we have broken, lost, or forgotten what those resolutions were. Yet, instead of making a resolution how about instead striving for RESULTS! Pick one thing that you'd like to improve on and work on that!

I promise you Angels if your willing to commit to yourself and work on yourself then by the end of 2022 YOU will be a different person. Also, nobody need know what you are working on within yourself. Let others NOTICE the change in you and then speak about it!

Key is to BE patient with yourself, Love yourself through ALL of it, and allow yourself the room to make mistakes, and give yourself the grace to forgive yourself for any setbacks that you may perceive! In order for this World to Change it happens one person at a time and the only person we can work on is our self!

Meditate, Pray, Exercise, Affirm, Create a Vision Board, Join a group of Believers, Help a neighbor, Volunteer, get out of your own way and then WATCH God work in your life! Open your mouth Angels and let the Universe answer your Hearts desire!

Self Worth plays a role, KNOWING that you are worthy and deserving plays a role, BEING positive also brings YOU more positive! This is the Year of ALL KNOWING.....what is it that you choose to KNOW?

If it is yourself and the understanding of a Higher Power can we suggest instead of striving for RESOLUTIONS you strive for RESULTS instead!


bringing people back to themselves

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