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Resting And Allowing....brings YOUR Good!

REST AND ALLOW! What does that look like to you? I KNOW for me, RESTING AND ALLOWING is affirming in my mind the positive, reminding myself and accepting that I AM worthy, Deep Breathing, Meditation, Patience, BEING QUIET, Listening to music, Warm Sea Salt Baths, Absorbing Energy whet er it be from the Moon or the Sun, and I let what is BE! Moving into this space did not happen overnight and yet in still it is possible if your willing to put in conscious practice. So, what does RESTING AND ALLOWING look like to you? Begin to get a picture of it and then act on that picture. I encourage you to begin to get a feel of what that space "looks like" for you as you discover for yourself what that looks and feels like to you. I will tell you a little secret too, that once you get GOOD at BEING in this space, any Issues with Worthiness get dealt with as well, as you receive more and more SELF LOVE! For me, RESTING AND ALLOWING used to be attached to a lot of guilt. Until it was not anymore which took practice. We in this Society don't "feel" worthy unless we are needed or busy which Spirituality throws right out the window and it is getting used to and accepting that way of thinking and KNOWING that you are deserving of RESTING AND ALLOWING that ALLOWS for all of the other good to come to you from the Universe! It is something that I have come to find takes daily conscious practice and yet in still God is AWESOME! It is worth it! You are worth it! I would not go back and change a thing if I had the opportunity because I KNOW that every part of it has made me WHO I AM today and that is a women who is Loving, Kind, Considerate, Caring, Compassionate. A women who lives from my heart space, and lets life come to me. A women who is conscious and is able to accept and receive love from self and others, which is a sense of Worthiness! You too are that! Resting And Allowing helps you to experience that! In the space of RESTING AND ALLOWING TRUST and FAITH play a big role to help you experience your greater purpose for BEING here on Earth! You have come to Earth to SHINE your light, and one of the fastest ways too SHINE it I have discovered is, by.....RESTING AND ALLOWING, as I AM Living Proof of it!

And Angels I can honestly say that by RESTING AND ALLOWING I have experienced no-thing except GOOD! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE! ©2022BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved

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