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Self a beautiful thing!

BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO has been discussing Loving Yourself. So, we finish this week out with the same. KNOWING in Truth that LOVE is all there is. My journey has delivered me to a space where it is NOW my time to accept ALL that this Universe has to give, for me to accept the abundance, accept that my life is ease and grace, accept that ALL of life comes to me, instead of me "thinking" I have to chase it. The reason why I AM sharing this with you, is for you to see it can happen, it takes commitment, and yet it can happen, and also to show you, ONLY BY LOVING SELF, can I BE here now.

I KNOW I AM here to BE an example. To show others that no matter what your life is like, YOU do have the power to change it. Proof: ME. I AM no different than you, I used to be a women caught up in the world, and materialistic things. I used to be a women who was angry, who felt that I had to go and chase life. I used to be a women who tried to control everything. I used to be unconscious.

All that has changed because of the work I have chosen to put into myself. The hours of reading, classes, questioning, seeking. I spent a good amount of years doing forgiveness work on myself and those I harbored ill feelings toward in my heart. I did a lot of sitting, a lot of asking, and a lot of searching, ALL which has led me to this space I AM now in. THE SPACE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

FEAR is not here. What is here is excitement. I AM finally living my dreams as a young child and AM living my life, BEING, DOING, & HAVING what it is that I came to this earth to BE, DO, & HAVE which is a Healer. I AM here to bring people back to themselves by my example, my life story, my journey, and my love.

It is truly amazing what LOVE, if you allow it, will and can do for YOU. It is because I AM willing, and over time became to KNOW that I AM worthy to live a life of peace, joy, happiness, oneness, true love, abundance, good health, and more! I would not turn back for anything in the world.

YOU, do not turn back either! I promise, if you keep climbing you will come to a space that you are now reading about. It is the only thing that can happen as I AM living proof of it. Self Love is what I AM talking about, and it is Self Love that brings you here now. That same Self Love, if you allow it, will take you even higher and higher. THAT I KNOW!!!

All you need to be is willing, willing, willing. If you have that, there will be no-thing you will not do. Willingness Angels is KEY and I promise you if you allow yourself willingness the only thing you will be able too experience is.....SELF LOVE, WHICH IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!


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