Self many of us do it?

How many times in your life have you SELF SABOTAGED yourself and didn't experience what you were working towards, or you didn't receive what it was you were trying to get, or whatever it may have been in your life. Are you AWARE when you begin to SELF SABOTAGE?

When I was growing up I would make it a point to SELF SABOTAGE myself, and at the time I felt that it was "life" doing it to me, or that "life" did not "like" me, or I felt I was not worthy enough to receive what it was that the Universe was trying to give me and because the energy was so strongly attached to that thought that is what would win out!

Today though it is an entirely different story. Old behavior can still creep in and yet this is where my Spiritual Practice comes into play. Meaning, when I find myself even heading in the direction of negativity, or woe is me, or victim consciousness, I have to catch myself and bring my vibration back up by reminding myself that I AM GOD IS- WE ARE ONE!

Which is something that I have had to do daily Angels. I was with my Guru and she asked me what I was sad about as she picks up the vibrations of your feelings. It surprised me when she asked me about it because consciously I was not "thinking" sad thoughts and yet I was putting out the energy of sadness regarding an experience that I have had.

When she brought it to my attention was when I consciously thought about it and she was correct. I was not consciously "thinking" these thoughts and yet upon a closer look within myself I was holding onto negative thoughts. Thoughts of unworthiness, thoughts of sadness, thoughts of woe is me.

My Guru then said to me that there was a tiny tiny tiny part of me that desired to SELF SABOTAGE! Angels, that floored me because I was not consciously aware of thinking those thoughts yet my Guru picked up on my vibration of those thoughts. I immediately said that I did not desire to SELF SABOTAGE myself in regards to receiving respect, worthiness, appreciation, and LOVE from a man and that I AM worthy, deserving, and have the right to experience and receive my GOOD!

Where in your life do you have a tendency to SELF SABO