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Spiritual Procrastination.....I DON´T THINK SO!

If you have not heard of tapping/releasing let me explain it to you. Tapping is where you touch certain points of your body to release pent up energy that may be stuck there. Tapping also puts the body back into balance as well. It is a great tool to use to relieve stress, to calm your body down if your upset, and it is a great way to have better health in your body as well.

This video does tapping exercises while your listening to what he is saying. If you choose, you may do the tapping along with him. I did and was able to tell a significant difference in my body. It may look like something is not happening and remember we are not able to see all that is taking place in the unseen realm. This is where your FAITH plays a role. Acceptance is key, and you will need to clear through your procrastination on a body level if you choose to move forward.

My student and I were talking yesterday about procrastination and how we KNOW we need to do something and yet we still don't do it. I was telling my student that no matter what level you are at procrastination is something EVERYONE has to work on. I was telling my Student yesterday that I was hooked into not being motivated and I asked myself some questions, Am I afraid ? What AM I holding myself back from? It was up to me to answer those questions as honestly as possible and because of it, this video found its way into my hands.

As you travel on your Spiritual Path a few reminders to tell yourself is, this is not a race, you have the rest of your life, it does not happen overnight, in this dimensional world things take time to reach us, Comparing yourself will do nothing for your self-esteem. Important to remember to be gentle on yourself, love yourself through this transition, and KNOW that it will not and does not happen overnight.

And there are a lot of tools out there to help you to feel motivated, to bring you up out of any funk you may be in, and it is through your choices that you keep walking your path. It is when we feel overwhelmed, or it is too much, that we throw in the towel and give up. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!!!

Remembering that will help you at times when you do feel "stuck". It is your choice, What do you Choose? If you choose to stay where you are you will have one experience, if you choose to move forward you will have another. It is YOUR choice....SPIRITUAL PROCRASTINATION.....I THINK NOT!!!



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