• Heather Buzzard


 Spirituality is NOT something that you DO.  It is not something that you "try" to fit in to your life.  Spirituality is NOT a hobby or "something to do," nor is it something that you "make time for."  Spirituality is a LIFESTYLE.  It is a way of BEING a way of LIVING.  It is YOUR lifestyle just like waking up everyday and eating.

If you choose to look at this as something that you just "do" you will not make time for it, if it is something that you "try" to fit into your life it will not happen, if this is something you do half-ass it will not happen, if you do Spirituality only on the days that you feel like it  you will not receive the maximum benefit out of it that is possible.  If you choose to be Spiritually Lazy and then expect to grow Spiritually you are only fooling and BS yourself, and all that will happen is you will grow more agitated with life.

However, if you choose to make Spirituality YOUR life it is a whole different story.  I remember when I was told this same thing and I got angry. Proof right there of what was being said & 25 years later, it is my lifestyle. There is NO WAY that I could live my life without Spirituality being a part of it, so much so, that my life would not be without it.  It takes discipline, commitment, willingness, honesty, and faith all of the 5 Pillars and yet it can be done.  I AM living proof of it, because the more you do live this way on purpose, the less you will have to "try" to live another way.

Looking back now, I clearly see how I stopped myself.  In thinking that I was "getting ahead" I kept fighting with life because I was going to do it "my way," which kept me spinning in that cycle of negativity. (EGO) I remember asking myself what it was that I desired.  Did I truly desire to live as if the kingdom of heaven is at hand, did I truly desire to manifest in a twinkling of an eye, did I choose to forgive, be free of anger, love myself, accept myself, and grow and become more?

Or, did I choose to stay where I was making excuses as to why I could not do this or that and complain, be sick and not enjoy life.  Believe me, I choose the latter, which you are choosing as well. If not, you would not be reading this now.  So, make a decision in your mind that you will either make Spirituality your lifestyle or you will not do it at all.  That is the only way that it will work for YOU. 

If not, and you insist on half stepping regarding Spirituality you will find yourself more angry, more frustrated, more unforgiving, more negativity, and more resentment, all from the simple fact of NOT choosing to make Spirituality your lifestyle.  I AM living proof of Spirituality and it working in your life if you are willing to use the 5 Pillars for life.  Spirit sent you here so that you could have MORE LIFE and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY, show

yourself some love and ALLOW.

Being able to manifest in a twinkling of an eye, being at peace with yourself in any circumstance, loving your enemy, accepting ALL of yourself, being honest with yourself, uplifting yourself, actual living of the kingdom of heaven on earth all is possible if you allow and KNOW that......SPIRITUALITY IS A LIFESTYLE, and because I have made it my lifestyle I AM now beginning to experience truly my Heaven on Earth!


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