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Spirituality Isn´t Doingness!!

Do you feel Spirituality is something that you have to "fit into" your life? Do you see it as something that you feel you have to "do"? Are you finding it difficult staying on course with your Spiritual practice because your "too busy" with Life? Are you caught up in your drama or caught up in Spirit?

Caught up in your drama you feel as if your Spiritual work is something you "have to do". Being in your drama is thinking that you are spiritually advanced instead of accepting where you may be now. Because that is so you will feel upset, confused, angry, sad, and questioning yourself wondering what is wrong with you and how come you can't seem to get into alignment.

You have your up and downs, your good days and bad days, and you wonder why you can't seem to build consistency. Your angry and blaming God and yourself shouting to the heavens that this "stuff" does not work.

Can I tell you something? There is absolutely nothing wrong with what was described above, as I myself went through that experience until I did not anymore. The key is: You still think that this is something you "have to "do" instead of becoming aware that your making Spirituality a way of life for you!

When it is lived as a way of life a different energy surrounds it and you will get up every morning looking forward to communicating with Spirit. You will seek out Spiritual Information, when you are upset or going through some troubles you will use your tools of Spirituality to help you instead of falling into victim hood.

Once you have had a taste of this way of living you cannot return to how things "used to be". You can try, as I did, only to experience that your way of life has changed along with your thinking.

I KNOW for me, what I had to do was ask myself if I was truly willing to make this commitment, and because I was not committed to anything at that time I said yes! I feel, if you truly desire something you will make the time for it, if not you will not.

I used to walk around for years thinking that this Spirituality was something that I "had" to do and was upset because I was not getting results until finally one day it dawned on me that it was because I was upset that I was NOT getting any results.

Understanding that the Universe is nothing except a xerox machine all it could do was copy my truest feelings, which were resentment, anger, dissatisfaction, doubt, distrust, and the like.

It does change. If you choose for it too. When you decide in your mind that this is not something that you "have to do" yet it is something that you "look forward too" then you will experience different results because of the energy attached to those thoughts!

Which is why Consistency is so important. It all boils down to what do you choose? However you answer that question will be the answer to unlocking your door to understanding that .....SPIRITUALITY IS NOT SOMETHING YOU is, and becomes a way of life for YOU!!


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