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how is that working for you? I KNOW a lot of people tend to get stressed out, upset, or angry if a certain product did not come or if a gift they desire to buy someone is NOT available, or if what they had planned did not work out as I used to be one of those types way back in the day. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

The holidays are meant to be a time for YOU to enjoy family, friends, and others that you may not have seen in a year or two. The holidays are a time for relaxing, laughter, gift giving, appreciation, and LOVE. NOT a time to get stressed, upset, angry, sick, frustrated, or any other negative emotion. YOU create your days, so why not choose something positive that will make you feel better. You may be saying you don't know anything positive, well here are some tips.

Instead of getting angry, knowing that anger does not serve you do your best to find the laughter in a situation that may be happening. Ask yourself in what ways in your mind can you accept WHAT IS? Possibly you can set in your mind prior to going to the relatives, or your parents, or significant others house to be at peace, to accept what IS happening, and focus on the holiday cheer instead of what your EGO thinks ought to be. Playing some holiday music in the background always helps as it reminds you truly of the season and the reason. Have fun with your kids making stocking stuffers, and decorating the Xmas tree, reminding yourself and your children truly what this holiday season is about!

There are so many ways that STAYING RELAXED THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS can benefit you, that by the time the first of the New Year comes into play you will be relaxed, refreshed, and excited about 2023. Life really is NOT that serious unless YOU make it to be! Choose to have FUN this holiday season and you will! Try it yourself and see if it does not work.

Get excited this Christmas and laugh at yourself and enjoy this time of year with your significant other, family, and firends all the while KNOWING, that by......STAYING RELAXED THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS you are only serving yourself with LOVE as you come into 2023!

Happy Holidays Angels!


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