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That is what I AM doing! Through the choices that I make, the words that I speak which either support myself or limit myself. By the thoughts that I hold in my mind and choose to give energy to and by the company I choose to keep myself around.

When I wrote about how I was creating new opportunities to take BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE to the next level, I'll be darned if that is not what I have created!

Angels, have you noticed as well that "time" so to speak, between asking and seeing it show up in your life, has definitely became shorter?

Back in the day it may have taken months or even years for something to show up whereas today, you speak it and if you're awake, aware, and conscious you can see that manifestation within days or weeks!

Which tells me Instant Manifestation has arrived!

I publicly declared that I was choosing to create new opportunities for myself and that is exactly what has happened. I AM a big believer in Public Declarations because what it says to the Universe and to the World is I AM that, that which is I AM and the Universe can do nothing except respond!

The Universe has brought me this opportunity to create, mold, and shape my business as I see and has given me the support to help MYSELF TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Where in your life have you asked from your heart to move forward? To help yourself so that you can help others? For the Universe to give you the resources to help you do whatever it is that you desire? If you say you have not START! Remember this Universe is nothing except a Xerox machine ready to give you duplication of whatever it is you THINK!

And, Angels, no matter what happens I will have received some valuable information and used my skills and talents in ways that I never have before which can only boost my Self Esteem, enhance my Creativity and open myself up even more!

Thank you Universe for this wonderful opportunity!

Angels, this is our time! The shift that is happening has made an opening for you to create, mold, shape, and have your life any way that you choose! The Energy is there for you to use as you wish! I AM grateful, I AM appreciative, I AM excited, I AM worthy, I AM deserving of all of this because I have decided......TAKING MYSELF TO THE NEXT LEVEL is for ME!



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