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Angels in order to have a testimony you have to BE willing to go on an adventures! Thats right! Adventures! Sometimes you mayn't know how it will end, or if it will end, or what will happen in betwen yet, in order to SHOW yourself God you have to BE willing to step out in FAITH!

These last 8 weeks for me have been just that! If you listen to our show on 5/25/21 you will hear where I was and what I was moving through and how if you fast forward 8 weeks later I have proven to myself those words as well as becoming Interdependent with God!

The adventure I went on Angels was one of Spirit taking me from my old place to live and setting me down in my new home! Through medttation and prayer and a faithful support group I have made it through this adventure and have come out with flying colors!

Angels, God is good! For 8 weeks in the Hotel that I was in God took care of every expense, I longed for nothing! Also, moving into my new space God gave me the ability to move in with NEW furniture, clothes, attitude, spirit, belief, trust, willingess, positive energy, and so much more that only God can do!

The small me didn't have the resources nor the way to create what God has created which is why I know it was God and give all credit to Spirit! My point Angels, is if your willing to work the laws of the universe the universe has to work for you as well!! I AM living proof of it!

Your worth it! I AM worth it! Use me as an example, pull from my strength, if need be, for that is what BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE is about! Angels, God is Good All the time....let yourself experience it so that you too can have a TESTIMONY!!


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