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Thank you to ALL the Fathers out in the world today! Thank you for BEING willing to BE a Father, to choose the role of bringing a human life into form. Father's play a very important role in bringing forth human life. Without Father's there would be no children!

Think about that. Yes, we women carry the babies, yet in still without the x or y chromosome from the Father the Child would not BE! Therefore a Father must play his role in order for children to BE.

Every single one of us can give some type of thanks in some way, shape, or form to our Dad's regardless of whet er or not He was in your life growing up. You may have grown up without a Dad being physically in the home yet, you will always in all-ways be One with YOUR Heavenly Father!

One of my struggles used to be Accepting that I was NOT a Bastard's Child! That's right, a Bastard's Child. Having been set free at birth, for a long long time I held the belief that I was not WHOLE, and that is NOT true because I KNOW I AM a child of the most high God which is perfect, whole, and complete!

Where in your life may you be holding a negative view about your Father? Is it possible that everything is in Divine Order and instead of it having to be "negative" is it possible for YOU to turn it around and make it positive?

That is what I have done. KNOWING I AM ONE with God, I now KNOW that there is no way I could be a Bastard's Child because I will always in all-ways BE ONE with my Heavenly Father and so too will you! I really have had to allow that energy to sink in and I'm not totally there yet, although I KNOW I Accept where I AM at.

So, if your struggling with issues about your Father, pass them over to YOUR Heavenly Father and let him deal with it! YOU are made in the image of Spirit, perfect, whole, and complete, and because THAT is SO, YOU too are perfect, whole, and complete!

Give yourself the opportunity to LOVE your Father up no matter whet er he is in your life or not, because without him, YOU would not BE, and because that is SO I give thanks and say to all the Men,......Happy Father's Day Dad's!


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