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THANK YOU. Thank you Universe for all that I have, and for all that I AM.  Thank you Universe for putting me directly in front of those who need my services as I do them.  Thank you Universe for your guidance, and love, even though at times I don't always understand it.

THANK YOU.  Thank you Universe for my health, wealth, right direction, deep insights, and my willingness to continue to move forward.  Thank you for my willingness to LET GO of Fear, and to TRUST!  Thank you Universe for the unending supply of air that I breathe, and breath in my body.  Thank you for Life.

THANK YOU. Thank you Universe for the unabashed love that I AM, and BEING willing to shower that love upon myself and all those who I come in contact with KNOWING, that what I give out returns back to me seven fold!  

THANK YOU. Universe for the unending flow of prosperity in my life even when I'm unable to recognize it.  Thank you Universe for sustaining me.

THANK YOU. Thank you Universe for the deep healing that is taking place within.  Thank you for my

willingness to OPEN UP MY HEART. Thank you for my desire to LOVE!  Thank you for my family, and  our willingness to help, love, and support each other.  Thank you Universe for your unending support.

THANK YOU. Thank you Universe for ALL of my experiences that help me to grow! Thank you for the opportunities that I have to SHINE MY  LIGHT and to live my life CREATING and RESPONDING in each moment and NOT REACTING like Old behavior.

Angels,  I AM living proof that this energy works! It is the fastest way to open your heart and Recognize the God in YOU! I AM living the experiences and KNOW that BEING grateful and thankful there is NO room for negativity, dis-ease, anger, or any of that!  God Is! I AM!

Choose to shift NOW! THANK YOU. Thank you Universe for my gratefulness and for my clarity that I KNOW who I AM, and whose I AM!.......THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Universe, AND SO IT IS AMEN!


©2019BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved

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