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The Freedom To LET GO!

When things don´t turn out the way you had planned, thought or expected are you able to shrug it off and move on or, do you fight with yourself and beat yourself up because you thought one way and it turned out entirely different and now you are in a space of NOT UNDERSTANDING? I have been there, in fact when I found myself in that space that is what I choose to do was to LET GO. I Let Go of my thoughts, behavior, attitude, whatever it may be and I allowed myself to BE.

It is an action that states to the Universe I TRUST YOU and I will rest and relax even though I may NOT understand. I will tell you, it has taken a lot of work for me to BE in this space, and yet it is possible. LETTING GO is difficult at first until it isn´t anymore. I have noticed for me NOW, that because I KNOW the rewards I receive from LETTING GO, I release it. It isn´t always, and yet most of the time. As you begin to let go and bring the NEW into your life you will begin to build an attitude of gratefulness and appreciation. I PROMISE YOU.

LETTING GO is an energy that builds on itself. Not only making a positive statement to the Universe, it is also saying I TRUST YOU SPIRIT, as well as making room for you to receive the NEW! I AM in a space right now of receiving the NEW and I AM grateful and appreciative of that because I AM noticing that Spirit is bringing me Quality, something I deserve, and so too do YOU.

So, as you accept your freedom do so with the desire to LET GO OF THE PAST whet er it be old relationships, old ways of thinking, old ways of doing things, old clothes, whatever it may be, KNOW that as you are choosing to RELEASE AND LET GO, NO-THING except FREEDOM can come back to you, so enjoy......THE FREEDOM OF LETTING GO!


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