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The Gratitude Dance...check it out!

Are you Grateful? Have you expressed your gratefulness in any way, shape, or form lately? Expressing Gratitude to the Universe is one of thee most powerful ways to come into the TRUTH of your BEING. I remember when I first heard about gratitude. I would make it a point to go and compliment someone for something or to thank the Universe for what was in my life at that moment, and what I came to discover was that the more I appreciated something the more of it I received.

Don't ask me how, or why, that is how the Universe works. The more grateful I AM the more I AM able to share my gifts with the world, the more opportunities the world gives me to do just that. Below is an excellent Gratitude Video, Let me ask you.... HAVE YOU DONE THE GRATITUDE DANCE?

What a FUN way to show the Universe that you are Grateful. You do this for 30 days and I guarantee you will not be the same person you were when you started. And since this video there are other Gratitude videos out as well. They did a World gratitude video, What a powerful way to raise the vibration.

BEING grateful, that is what this video shows us. How much joy, peace, love, and overall goodness comes from BEING GRATEFUL. Can you write a list of all the things that you are grateful for? Try it, and then in the privacy of your own home do.......THE GRATITUDE DANCE and watch how much better you feel, and how YOU have shifted your Energy.

Gratitude is Energy. I have come to KNOW that the more energy of gratitude I have in my life, the more life is one of ease and grace, of thankfulness, of appreciation, and the most important, LOVE. Being grateful for me, has opened up my heart center and has allowed me to LOVE. Not only others, it has allowed me to TRULY LOVE ME, and that I truly AM grateful for and have no problem in doing...... THE GRATITUDE DANCE!!


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