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The Meaning Of A Birthday!

How many of dismiss our birthdays or say it is no big deal? Or, if asked what you are doing for your birthday you respond with " Oh nothing, just another day" I have done that myself until I realized just what birthdays mean! As I grew I began tp acknowledge myself and on my 50th Angels I threw myself a party, didn't wait for someone to "give" me a party, I created and threw my own party with friends and church family and I felt GOOD!

This is my Birthday Month so I say Happy Birthday to me! Yet, check out this article below as to the importance of recognizing who we are written by Sri Chinmoy:

Birthday is a magical day in a human life. Each soul that comes to this earthly plane was longing for the gift of having a spiritual growth in a human body. Birthday is the day when the whole Universe was rejoicing, and all the forces of nature and the people around you were helping you to come and celebrate your life. A new life has been born! A new soul has visited the planet! A new being whose presence is very important to the essential evolution of life.

Each one of us is needed. The contribution of each one is very important to the well-being and healing of the Universe.

Every year you are given a new birth and are given a freedom of choice on how to live your life; by default or by design; by becoming your own master, or by going through yet another year without making a little step toward your dreams, and aspirations.

Think about that Angels, Each one of us are needed, and each one of us have a purpose on this planet and each year that we celebrate we are given the opportunity to master this thing we call Life! How awesome is that!!

So, the next time YOUR birthday comes along, sing, shout and dance to Happy Birthday to Me as I will be doing with mine! Appreciate Life, Appreciate who you are in life, be grateful for what you have and all to come and most importantly, LOVE LOVE LOVE yourself so that YOU CAN celebrate who you truly are!



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