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The Power Of Healthy Relationships

Below is a short video of 8 Habits that make a Healthy Relationship. Check out this short video and see where in your relationships you can improve on or be thankful for what IS in your relationship!

Take a listen and Enjoy Angels!

All of us won't have everything that was said in this video and then some of us may. Yet the idea is to become aware of your relationships and if they are Healthy to you and for you!

You may be surprised how many of us stay in unhealthy relationships so that we aren't alone, that we can say we have someone with us, so that we do have somebody to speak with. Angels, I used to hang onto Unhealthy relationships for the above mentioned reasons, yet once I understood that BEING with Self is okay, and Heather got to KNOW Heather, I 'd much rather BE with Self than in an unhealthy relationship.

Also, by BEING with Self, I have allowed the Space to remain empty so that a Healthy relationship can come to me. In the meantime I continue to work on Heather! It is the World that will tell us we are Nobody without Somebody and that just isn't TRUE!

Angels, Self Love is Healthy Relationships. Are you practicing Self Love and Healthy Relationships OR, are you caught up in The World's idea of Relationship? Only in God's World will you truly KNOW The Power Of Healthy Relationships!


bringing people back to themselves

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