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The POWER Of Your Spoken Word!

Words are powerful tools. Do you believe that? How was the world brought into creation? Spoken. The power of YOUR spoken word resonates beyond our comprehension, which is why truthfully the longer you travel this Spiritual Path the more you come to realize that Spirit is truly in control!

As I began waking up I got to experiment with the power of my word, such as YOU get to with YOURS. Have you recently spoken something without giving it much thought only to be experiencing what it is that you so casually spoke of? It is ALL part of the process of waking up. I know the more times I experienced something I did not care for the more conscious I became of my words and the power of my words and the affect that they had on me.

Is there something in YOUR life right now that you may be experiencing because of something you casually spoke or said? Something you were not aware would have such a profound effect on you? If so, Accept that it is all part of the process and it is ALL part of the growth and waking up.

YOUR Life, YOUR World, Everything that you experience is because of YOUR words. Whet er it be spoken out loud or thought about. Words are energy, Energy is powerful. If your unspoken energy is more powerful than your spoken energy at this time, take notice. And what I mean by that, is if you are saying one thing and noticing that what your thinking is manifesting instead, become aware, admit to it, and if you choose, make changes in regard to the energy that is stronger.

This stumbling down, hitting into roadblocks, falling and hurting yourself, crying, is ALL part of the process. It is the only way we learn. If you know how to ride a bike it took much trying before you were able to ride hands free. Same thing with this. YOU are beginning to use muscles that have never been used and like anything you are weak when you first start out.

THE POWER OF YOUR SPOKEN WORD....really does manifest, mold, shape, and have YOU experience LIFE the way that YOU choose for it to BE. Whet er YOU are conscious of this or not, does not matter. Universal Law is Universal Law. Make a choice today, to become conscious of....THE POWER OF YOUR SPOKEN WORD!!!


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