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The Power Within You!

Have you ever seen an electrical storm? It is very powerful, intense, and a sight to see.  KNOWING that most "stuff" in life comes from energy, take a deep look into this picture.  Look at the orange for creativity, the purple for higher consciousness, the deep red representing Power With, and the pink hue mingled in shows the deep love of Mother Earth.  The white reminds you of Angels,  and the dark clouds in the sky reflecting down on the earth in its fullness only reminds you that Life is only a reflection of what is within.

Now because the Creator of the Universe is able to create such beauty, with the reminder that we are NEVER alone, What do you think the Creator can create in your life?....ANYTHING THAT YOU CHOOSE and are willing to align yourself with God Consciousness can be yours!

Yes, anything you choose, and how it manifests is the energy that you have attached to that request.  Example: If your doing your best to create a relationship but underneath you truly feel that relationships are a waste of time and no good, then that is the energy the universe will respond too.

I know for me, I have had to take a deep look at my life and my requests....I AM saying I desire this.....but in truth I¨¨d be over here complaining, asking the whys and how comes, BEING impatient, not REALLY believing that what I AM asking for will manifest, and guess what truly manifested......YOU GOT IT, the feelings that I was most attached to, which was the lower vibration, of Victim Consciousness, and that is what would manifest.

YOU don't have to go down that road. YOU can change in a twinkling of an eye, YOU can change the entire vibration of whatever you may be asking for. Example: with awareness comes a change in direction so instead of sugar coating something, identify the root of the thought and change that. 

Angels KNOW that it is a process. YOU don't have to get caught up in EGO and questions, you can choose to TRUST yourself, LOVE yourself, and RESPECT yourself in however that looks to YOU!

And as you move through the  process you will begin to notice that the things you "feared" you no longer fear as the energy of desire will have begun to take over, and if you allow yourself to FLOW with that energy of desire, then your Life as you knew it will have changed! 

Like this beautiful picture of an electrical storm, Mother Nature can  only respond to what it is given which is why the earth is reflecting the Sky, KNOWING that TRUTH your life can only be the same, meaning your life can and will only reflect what it is that YOU carry within yourself.  

So, if your not receiving what you requested reflect back on your KNOWING that this universe is no-thing except a xerox machine, and then look again at your requests, do some honest soul searching and begin to really identify what energy you have chosen to attach to whatever it is that you may be asking for.

This Electrical storm is beautiful, as it reminds us ALL of the POWER of this universe and the POWER we carry within ourselves, that this wonderful universe can, does, and will always respond too.......THE POWER WITHIN YOU! 


bringing people back to themselves

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