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There Are NO Shortcuts!

THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS! I used to think the same thing, that (and still occasionally do ) I "d walk this Spiritual Path and "find a different way" to walk my dark night of the Soul without having to actually sit down and FEEL my pain and FORGIVE myself and those that I have perceived to have "hurt" me and I was going to invent a "NEW" way of doing this and do you know I spent many many years only delaying and FOOLING MYSELF!

Don't do that to YOURSELF! No, Walking your dark night of the Soul is not easy and yet in still, one of the ways to come into the light is through FORGIVENESS which brings the light and that has been that way since the beginning of time and, if you go all the way back to the times when our Great Way shower Jesus the Christ was walking this earth even he said that it is through FORGIVENESS that we are made anew and he was correct!

I AM who I AM today because I chose to walk my dark night of the Soul, I chose to allow myself to FEEL MY PAIN and it was NOT easy and I did NOT like it and yet I wouldn't trade any of that for the world as all the work that I have done has put me right where I AM today. In my Kingdom, preparing myself to experience even more Heaven on Earth in a grander more peaceful, loving way and pulling up others to assist and guide them and THAT, my Angels makes it all worth it!

I AM worth it! YOU are worth it! Attempting to find SHORTCUTS only affects YOU! It is YOU who is still carrying anger around, It is YOU who is still upset with the world and yourself, It is YOU who wonders why all these different things you have tried haven't worked and why you haven't moved much. It is YOU who screams at the heavens "God why???" I'm here as an example Angels, DON'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF it did not serve me, all it did was delay my good!

In this microwave society that we have where everyone desires ALL yesterday or for everything to be "fixed" in 30 minutes or less and this Spiritual Path is NOT like that. This path helps you to remember patience, perseverance, faith, trust, cooperation, to honor YOUR feelings, to release & let go, to build strength and to FORGIVE! Without what is mentioned above in place you will never be able to TRULY step into the light, which is why on this path.......THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!


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