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For those who may remember the saying " Like Sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives" from an infamous Soap Opera that may still be running! Yet, our point in using this today is TIME STANDSTILLS FOR NOBODY!!!

Angels, look we are almost half way through 2021 and it seems like it just started! I can remember being a kid and hearing that the older you get the faster life goes and Angels that is NO JOKE! I say all that to say this....START LIVING NOW!!!! Before you know it you will look up and discovered that you are in your 50 's or 80's and still haven't fulfilled your life purpose!

What are you waiting for? Just KNOW TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE! If your waiting for your life to be in some certain type of order or your waiting for this, or that, or whatever it may be understand that by playing the WAITING GAME with yourself, YOU ARE ONLY STOPPING YOURSELF!

Angels, I have made it a point to STOP the games with me and to live life! We are all here for a purpose! What is yours? Are you fulfilling it or someone else's? Are you living the life you desire or someone else's? Are you happy, content, and skipping through life or are you looking to something or someone else?

TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE......we have this life to LIVE, play, and have FUN as there is nothing to wait on, and NO ONE to wait for! Live your dreams Angels!!


bringing people back to themselves

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