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Triggers & Anger

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

All of us have them. All of us have Anger. Are you aware of what Triggers you? Are you aware of where your anger stems from? Are you aware of what can push your triggers?

I will share something with you! The other day I was triggered and anger that I THOUGHT I healed was still within me, as there are layers and layers that we rid ourselves of. Angels, I wasn't aware that I still carried this with me. I told myself, my listenrs, my clients, that I was healed of this issue and all is well!

Life showed me different! What I have come to understand is that what shows up in your life is where your consciousness is at and how you handle what shows up is how far you have grown. I didn't apply a tool of Spirituality when I was triggered.

Angles, it is like they say, Anger blinds you. And why do you think that is? I will tell you why, because when we are angry we are unable to see anything esle except what it is we desire and think is right. Think about that, have you been angry and at the same time were able to see the good in the situation?

It is only after, well for me, it was after the fact that I was able to see a blessing or see why it happened and there were times when I blocked blessings because of my anger. There have been times when a blessing has been right in front of me and because of my anger I was unable to see it or experience it until my anger subsided and by then it was too late as the blessing passed me by.

Yes, we always have new opportunites yet what I AM becoming more and more clear about is that by healing my trigger issues, the anger subsides. By gaining understanding and forgiving all invovled including myself the anger will disipate. I AM becoming more and more clear that I AM worth it!

And that is KEY Angels, Self Worth! Heal your Triggers so you won't experinece anger and instead will experience the Blessings that God has for each one of us! WE ARE WORTH IT!


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