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Life at times can be like the picture above where you feel like you are in a deep valley, maybe one you "think" you cannot ever get out of. Yet, if you look closely at the picture you also see LIFE. Abundant life, green grass, clean white snow, a majestic mountain, blue sky and sunshine which tells you a different story of BEING in the valley. What do you choose to focus on? You have a choice to focus on the darkness, the fact that you may be in a valley and the negative thoughts that can come with that, or if you choose you can focus on the light in the valley and the positive thoughts that come with that. It is when we are in our valleys that the truth of what we believe comes forth. Also it is a time for our support system which is of value, the importance of BEING still and listening to Spirit, To BE quiet instead of running and doing, prayer also is beneficial. I know for me when I AM in a valley it taps my inner strength, my trust in Spirit, my faith, the ability to truly let go and let God and rest KNOWING that in the end it all really doesn't matter!. "Doesn't matter?" you may be thinking. Yes it does not matter, because I believe that once my Spirit is finished using this body it will drop it, return to the Spiritual Realm for some time and then take on another body with a whole new set of adventures. I read through the Conversations With God dialogue that if you really think about it what else would you be doing? Think about it, if you were not playing the game of life what game would you be playing? I thank Spirit for giving me the opportunity to experience valleys to show myself my truth and to show myself that I AM strong, trusting, faithful, resting, and truly letting go and letting Spirit work in my life. Are you willing truly to....TRUST SPIRIT AND REST IN YOUR VALLEY? BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE

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