• Heather Buzzard


Meaning, even though it may "look like" something is not going to pan out, or you "feel" uneasy, or not confident, or it shows up other than what you thought and the doubt rises up within you  what is the first thing that you do?  I start talking to myself saying that I AM going to use "common sense" to straighten this all out, and then when I begin to experience frustration is when I AM reminded to Let it Go! 

What do you think that is about?  I know for me picking something back up after telling Spirit to handle it was a control issue that EGO and I used to fight over which only kept me in negative energy and  I would feel terrible about myself and the thoughts of doubt and all of that would come trickling in.

Sometimes I would at find myself in a worse position than I would of been in had I left it alone.  Do you do  that?   Is that something that you wonder about and Pray to Spirit about only to find yourself back in that cycle?

The Universe is very good, I feel, at giving us opportunity after opportunity to TRUST and what I noticed myself doing was questioning those opportunity's with negative statements of doubt, and worry which kept me trapped in the cycle of distrust which kept me frustrated, upset, and questioning, not only myself but Spirit as well until one day I realized that in order to truly move on and experience something different I would have to do something different and it is an ongoing process until it becomes a way of life. That is what I have noticed.

That something different was stating to the universe that I would TRUST SPIRIT no matter what my EGO may tell me.  And the universe gives me plenty of opportunities to do just that.  In the beginning I had fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, all of that, and what I did to combat that was I focused on my breath, meditated, kept repeating affirmative statements to myself, and did as much reading about TRUSTING SPIRIT that I could.

You know what, it worked.  That's right it worked.  Looking back now I clearly see the nonsense in what I was doing and yet at that time I could not.  Every BODY has to go through their own experiences and situations and yet in still the Universe is saying the same thing to everyone of us....TRUST, TRUST, TRUST.  Imagine how much easier your life would flow, or how different YOU would feel if you stopped trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

TRUSTING was the best move I ever made in my life.  TRUSTING has allowed me to be free in my thinking, my behavior, and my speech.  

TRUSTING is allowing me to relax into life and to enjoy life at a deeper level.  TRUSTING has freed my mind so that I am able to focus my attention on Spirit.  TRUSTING is allowing me to open myself up in ways that I can not even imagine and TRUSTING has truly allowed me to experience more of heaven on earth and to claim my power even more.

So, what is happening in your life where the Universe is asking you to TRUST?  Have you truly let go and allowed or do you notice yourself releasing something only to pick it back up again trying to "figure it out" yourself?  How is that working for you?  If it is not would you like to try something different?  If your answer is yes then all you need to is......TRUST ALL IS WELL!


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