• Heather Buzzard

TRUST, WHAT A CONCEPT! (guest post)

by Michael Lemus

I used to think that trust centered around being able to rely on someone else to do something for you. The issue with that is that it is easy to end up disappointed.

What I eventually came to understand though is that trust goes beyond what you believe someone else can do for you or even to you. I have come to embrace that trust is having faith in what is within you. It is the belief that good things will manifest if you are in alignment with your highest self.

In its new form, trust has allowed me to break down old belief structures that have hindered my progress. Through this process, I have become empowered to have faith in my life coming together at the pace that it should be.

I used to have all of these timelines set for how my life should be. Many of the timelines I met, but some were thrown out the window due to unexpected circumstances. It was through these surprises though that I got to know myself the most.

In fact, it is in those moments that I felt the most vulnerable and while that was scary at first, I still felt powerful. All I had left then was trust and not just trust in God, the Universe, Angels, and my ancestors, but also in myself.

I learned to take this vulnerability and reflect, release, and replenish.

I thought back to and came to understand that what I really needed to do was trust in my own faith and abilities.

I embraced the self-love journey enough to come to the conclusion that having faith in the unknown is what I needed all along that what is meant to be in my life, will be through alignment.

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