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Trusting The Unseen!

We as a society have a difficult time TRUSTING because of all the hurts and pain we have went through as a child and an Adult! Yet, life is truly very simple when we allow our selves to accept WHAT IS!

When we accept what is happening then we notice that we can FLOW through it and actually come out the other side in more peace, more trust in the unseen, and more confident in ourselves.

What I have come to accept is that I no longer have to show myself the negative, I no longer have to ¨prove¨ to myself that I AM worthy! I AM now understanding that I have been born Worthy and approved of and that I AM loved unconditionally!

Angels, it wasn´t overnight that I came to these conclusions yet over time of mis-takes and punishing myself through my words and actions that I realized it!

Yet, the good news is, YOU DON¨T HAVE TO DO THAT!

If you choose, you can decide right now that you will accept what life is showing you and find a way to move through it in peace, light, love, faith, so that you can be happier, more fulfilled, happier, healthier, more joyous with yourself and others as YOU move through life TRUSTING THE UNSEEN!


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