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Walk Your Golden Path Angels!

Even in the forest there is a trail. Spirit is always showing us the way. It is up to you and I to what path we choose to walk. Walking a path such as this picture may imply that you are releasing and letting go of negative thoughts, thoughts about yourself, letting go of old karma, releasing and doing true forgiveness work for yourself regarding your extended family members. Truly clearing your life.

The good news is there is a path for you to travel! What do you choose? You may feel like you are in a fog. It may appear to look gray and dismal which is a great opportunity and to put your spiritual tools into practice and begin navigating your way out. while allowing yourself to BE gentle with Self.

Faith is a powerful tool. Thank you Spirit for keeping myself calm, focused, and aware to adjust to what is occurring, to know how to deal with this experience. Affirmations such as this are powerful as well.

I AM awake, aware, and conscious of my choices and thoughts. God is with me every step of the way. Deep breathing, relaxing your body, and mind into the moment. A new tool to use is to center yourself, holding your thumb to your two middle fingers and for 26 seconds think nothing except uplifting thoughts then let go and move on with your day. 26 seconds Angels!

Utilizing and developing Spiritual skills also helps you to move down your paths in life with ease and grace. Also it helps to build your confidence when you are faced with a situation, you KNOW you are able to rely on your tools to help you through. Like this picture, the path is clearly there, all you need to do is walk down it with Faith, Trust, and Love for yourself, your situation, and your Higher Power!

Are you willing to.....WALK YOUR GOLDEN PATH?


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