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Walking Away Is Freedom!

WALKING AWAY is NOT an easy thing to do regarding anything. Whet er it be walking away from a relationship, a job, an idea, a business deal, a friendship, WHATEVER it may be it is NOT easy. Have you ever thought to ask yourself why that is or is it you never gave it much thought?

The reason why I AM asking is because this Spiritual Journey you are on is going to require that YOU WALK AWAY from a lot of things. Old mindsets, Old ways of thinking, Old ways of BEING. This path will ask you to walk away from Revenge, walk away from Get backs, walk away from "showing them", it will ask you to walk away from jealousy, walk away from Selfishness, greed, hate, all of that. It will propel you to WALK AWAY from anything that is negative to YOU or someone else. SIMPLE, YES. EASY, NO. The reason why it is NOT so Easy is because EGO loves to hang on!

And Angels I went through this experience and I choose to WALK AWAY instead of having to "show" myself my Truth, I now KNOW it, and one of the things I KNOW is that I don't have to try to put a square peg in a round hole. I can accept what IS and keep moving forward, and I will tell you that as time moves on, the easier it becomes. The more you do it, the less you will have too!

I can remember when I was in that season. It was very difficult for me because I was one that LOVED TO BE RIGHT! I would hang onto BEING RIGHT no matter how much it hurt me, stopped me, limited me, or did NOTHING for me because I "thought" I was standing in my Power and BEING "All that" when in truth I was only limiting, stopping, and hurting myself. Folks, it took awhile for me to really "see" that. Which is why this is a Process.

I will say 25 years later I can now drop "my way" and in an instead turn and go with God and WALK AWAY in peace, love, joy, and contentment KNOWING that God has my back. Which took practice. Which is why this is called a Spiritual Practice. This is where TRUST comes into play. You can't have that type of mindset unless you TRUST yourself. I TRUST myself, and Spirit. Do you? HONESTLY! If so, then you can WALK AWAY in peace, joy, and gratitude. If you are not able to WALK AWAY in harmony then can you REALLY WALK AWAY, or are you RUNNING AWAY? Only YOU KNOW.

WALKING AWAY gives YOU Self Love. WALKING AWAY gives YOU Inner Strength. WALKING AWAY gives YOU Courage. Courage to TRUST, to TRUST yourself and your Higher Power. WALKING AWAY says to the Universe, I KNOW you got this and I will rest and BE no matter what I feel like! WALKING AWAY gives YOU your PEACE, and because PEACE is who YOU are, in Truth......WALKING AWAY....IS FREEDOM, this I KNOW as I AM-LIVING PROOF OF IT!


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