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Water Off a Ducks Back!

We have all heard the saying ¨Water off a Ducks Back!¨ Yet, what does that really mean? Does it mean that water really rolls off a ducks back or is it an analogy?

Well, I looked it up to see and YES, water does really run off their backs! The ducks have a gland near their tail known as a preen gland which has a wax like oily substance that Ducks dip their bills into into it and spread it over their feathers from head to toe!

So YES, Water truly runs off their backs! The reason we are speaking of this is that I have been told in life and I ḿ sure you have as well, to let peoples attitudes, situations, behavior, etc to run off you like ¨water off a ducks back¨.

Yet what does that mean to you? For me, it means that I don´t react to people who may be speaking to me, or I don´t allow someone else´s attitude to bring me down or spoil my day, or I don ´t let outside noise ruin my day and yet it can be easier said than done at times!

In what ways can you be like that Duck and let life roll off your back? For me, I can mind my own business more and don´t let people´s words or behaviors effect me, I can keep my mouth shut and say a silent prayer instead of allowing myself to get caught up, I can also turn and go another way or think a new thought.

And, all this Angels will bring me a new experience! And it is forming new habits and new thoughts that will allow me experience this and understanding is powerful Angels and for a long time I didn´t understand. Yet now I do.

So now I can picture myself as that duck and allow water to run off my back so that I may have a NEW experience in life and DON´T get caught in the Spiders Web, yet instead BE like that duck and let it roll right off my back!

Your choice Angels, Spiders Web or Duck?


bringing people back to themselves

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