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Today  Angels I feel myself in the space of  EXPERIENCING DESERVING!  That is right. EXPERIENCING the right of DESERVING!  How DESERVING do you feel that you are?  Enough so that you are excited and eagerly awaiting your good from the Universe?

I used to read that as you open up more and more your life gets better and better and yet in the space where I spent a lot of time in it did NOT seem like it was getting better and better, and yet it was!

Think about this for a moment.  There was a time in my life where I did not even believe that I felt worthy, or DESERVING, and yet today I do. Which only shows me that the time I spent crying, releasing, forgiving, and letting go did nothing except good for me  even though at the time I could not see it or feel it  and yet is was true.  For that is the only way that I AM able to live from that space continually now!  So Angels keep on keeping on as I  AM here to say, What you put into yourself, you will receive back!

I KNOW  Angels that at the time when you are caught up in it, it does not feel like anything is changing and yet I promise you Angels. IT IS!  I AM Living Proof of what I speak.  For every season there is a time in Heaven to receive and Angels, I KNOW that I AM in my season of RECEIVING!

How about you? NO matter what it may be that you are receiving do you feel yourself in that space?  If not, allow my testimony to be an Inspiration to YOU as you travel your Journey!  I made a commitment to Spirit when I started my journey that if I made it through and was shown that these principals work then I will happily be used as an example for Humanity!

So, look to my writings, my discussions and let my testimony help motivate, inspire, and uplift, YOU  as together you and I travel deeper and deeper into the space of.....EXPERIENCING DESERVING!


©2019BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved

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