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Are you OUTRUNNING YOUR DESTINY? Or, are you becoming IN TUNE with your destiny? However you answer that question is the answer to your life and what is happening with you NOW! The Universe will NOT allow you to run away from, miss out on, forget about, deny, or anything else, regarding YOUR DESTINY because you have chosen to say YES to Life!

41 years of my life I spent running, changing, fixing, denying, and pushing away, only to have ALL of what I had been running from dropped right into my lap-without me even BEING conscious of it at that time!

God is AWESOME! It "looked like" I was helping a stranger, and what I have now realized IN TRUTH, is, I AM &ALWAYS WAS HELPING MYSELF, which only makes more REAL the fact that there is only 1 power, 1 presence, 1 BEING active in this Universe and in the world! Bottom Line, YOU CANNOT OUTRUN YOUR DESTINY as I AM living proof of it!

Angels of Light, I cannot stress enough that TRUTH is TRUTH is TRUTH, and because we are living in the in-formation age/emotional era, light will be shinned upon all of that which is NOT in alignment with the higher energies! I feel, anything or anyone that is not in alignment or is choosing to remain with the lower vibrations will have to deal with their life using a higher vibrational energy to speak with but will not receive the higher vibrational results, just like oil and water do not mix! Don't let that be YOU!

Allow yourself to get serious about your spiritual practice, allow yourself to find a balance in your life where Spirituality is a priority. I AM living testimony of one who has become in tune with the Universe, my higher Self, and life, and how when you are in TUNE Life comes to You! Trusting, releasing, forgiving, replenishing, allowing, and KNOWING, along with many other positives such as prayer, meditation, and BEING with Nature will ALL help you as well, to assist you in not OUTRUNNING YOUR DESTINY!

THIS IS MY TIME!, THIS IS YOUR TIME!, THIS IS OUR TIME! I AM choosing to claim what is mine, regardless of me knowing anything about how or why, will you? I AM choosing to say YES to life without having the assurance that ALL will be well, will you? I AM choosing to say YES to myself and allow Spirit to carry me, and the universe to figure out the rest,will you?

I AM allowing, trusting, breathing, knowing, relaxing, and resting into the TRUTH of my BEING, will you? I will end where I began, Are you..........OUTRUNNING YOUR DESTINY or are you choosing to BE in tune with your Destiny? Remembering, that ALL of Life, is a choice!


bringing people back to themselves

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