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What Are You Telling Yourself?

That is the space Angels, that I found myself in from time to time. One who writes about BEING Conscious and what you think, and speak is what you create and yet writing and LIVING it are two different things which is why ACTIONS speak so, so, much louder than words!

Speaking with my Guru I was telling her how I was talking with some people that afternoon and I was caught up in frustration because I desired to BE in the space where everything is happening NOW like my Guru lives in and I was telling them how it is not happening now, how come, why not, blah, blah, blah. And do you know what my Guru said to me, she said "Heather you keep telling yourself that it is not happening NOW so guess what, its not happening NOW!"

Angels, talk about a light bulb moment. I started laughing! I AM sharing this with you to show you that even though I write about this and I AM Conscious, there will be moments when your not, unless you are! Which ties right in with the title-WHAT STORY AM I TELLING MYSELF?

May you be in a space of unconsciousness regarding an experience that may of happened in the past and your telling yourself a story that is NOT benefiting you? That is what came to me. What I AM telling myself was NOT helping me or creating what I desire in fact, it had STOPPED me from experiencing what I desired BECAUSE of the STORY I AM TELLING MYSELF.

Where in your life may you be able to relate? It is the stories that we tell ourselves that create the experiences of our lives and the more that I stay in this space of CONSCIOUSNESS the more I AM able to really see that we are the creators of our lives by WHAT STORY WE TELL OURSELVES whet er it be good or bad.

So lets tell ourselves a different story. A story of good, of happy times, FUN times, and of peaceful times, and prosperous times. A story that ALL of life is in Divine Order, a story to BE willing to relax into our lives. A story of TRUST that ALL that we need really is here and that when we are READY to receive what we need or desire it will show up and not a moment late! A story that we are healthy, flexiable, and flowing and willing to take care of our bodies with daily exercise and healthy eating.

Because really if you think about it, when it is all said and done, Consciousness is the only thing that we take with us when we leave, so KNOWING that, what kind of Consciousness are you choosing? for me, what it says is that Life comes down to.....WHAT STORY AM I TELLING MYSELF?


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