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What Do You Tell Yourself?

Accepting yourself is KEY to loving yourself. Do you agree with that? If you are not willing to ACCEPT who you are, there will be NO WAY you will ever love yourself. This Spiritual Path that you are traveling is NOT for the fainthearted or weak! It takes honesty, integrity, love, inner peace, self worth, knowingness, trust and most of all a personal relationship with whatever you choose to call your Higher Self to walk this path and have the FAITH that you will be Okay ! Are you telling yourself and Old Truth? Something that may have happened 20-30 years ago? Are you telling yourself a current Truth that you picked up and believed as and Adult that no longer may be true? Are you even Consciously Aware of what is running through your mind? It must matter some or you would not be reading these words in this moment! We have entered a time where the Energy flowing down is a feminine energy. A softer energy. More Subtle and willing to look within and not without as we as humans have done this for so long! Not only is the energy different, we as human beings desire more. And the more I AM speaking of is Inner Peace, Better Health, Happiness, Joy, True Self Love, Acceptance, that kind of MORE which is GOD! For too long I feel we have lived as a human family who has ignored, pushed down, deny, have allowed sickness to get the better of us, have become ultimately lazy, desire everything "NOW", and that way of living cannot be maintained. I feel, it is up to those of us who are Healers and Way showers to let the world KNOW there is a better, healthier, more peaceful way and I AM using myself Angles as Living Proof that Acceptance of Self is the way to really become Aware and ask yourself WHAT TRUTH ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF? KNOW that within yourself is the path to peace! When was the last time that you sat and listened to YOU? When was the last time you felt absolute peace about everything in your life? When was the time that you KNEW that you were LOVE and you did not have to "look" elsewhere, absolutely nowhere? When was the last time that you told yourself "I love you"? Have you ever told yourself this? Have you ever done any of this? WHAT TRUTH ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF? Folks, the time is OVER I feel, to live for someone else and NOW is the time to begin to live for yourself. If you are not happy within yourself there is NO WAY you can be happy on the outside or anywhere in life for that matter as that is the truth of life. No matter what you may "think", TRUTH is TRUTH IS TRUTH! Life is no-thing except a mirror! The time for TRUTH TELLING is here.... Do you have the courage, strength, wisdom, time, ability, and the love for yourself to ask yourself deep questions about YOU and answer those questions, look at, and ask yourself if that is how you still feel today? I promise you Angels, if you begin to do that today you will be well on your way to becoming aware and recognizing, your TRUTH and turn it around for the positive, which in case, you will always........KNOW WHAT TRUTH YOU ARE TELLING YOURSELF! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE ©2022BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved

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