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What Eyes Are YOU Looking Through?

The appearance of this picture. What does it say to you? This is a perfect example of Appearances are NOT what they seem. Looking again at this picture and looking deeply we can see Divine Order. People may be moving in different directions and all have their own thoughts yet, if you just take a glance you can assume confusion and disorder. Yet is that true?

Where in your life may you be looking at something from a perspective that it is not? Your money may be one area, You look at the money you have in your possession and make an assumption that that is all you have, is it really? Looking at your relationships you may feel under appreciated, taken advantage of, or not acknowledged, where in your life are you taking advantage or not acknowledging or appreciating yourself or others?

We, as a human family have become so used to looking at things, judging BY appearance and running with that. This new energy coming down from the feminine Spirits is an energy, I believe, that will has us looking twice at what we "see" and moving from our second perspective instead of moving and acting upon our first of "believing what we are seeing." which in turn will create a new way we choose to look at ourselves, accept ourselves, and move forward in Unity.

What areas of your life that, if you took another look it really isnẗ the way it "appears"? It is just as easy to flow with the negative as it is to flow with the positive. YOUR CHOICE, and from that choice will be YOUR experience of life. Look again if things aren¨t to your liking.

By looking again your stating to the universe, it doesn¨t have to BE this way, and I do have a choice.And I AM choosing something different. As simple as that Angels!


bringing people back to themselves

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