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What we were told, & then the History!

Truly Listen to HOW Valentine Day began! Beheaded by a CHURCH in 269 BC

And listen to who Beheaded them, it was a CHURCH Angels! Christ didn´t even exist in 269 BC so in TRUTH it has NOTHING to do with candy, cards, religion, church, in truth it was CREATED by the Church around a STORY of a man who was beheaded because at that time the people felt he did something Worthy!

Take a good listen Angels, and don´t berate yourself if you have no one in your life at this point. LOVE YOURSELF have a relationship with your Higher Self, and FEEL GOOD about who you are and whose you are and don´t buy into the World´s Idea of something that started off as a sacrifice to a Church which now has become a commercialized Holiday!

Tell yourself how much you love self, buy yourself a gift, honor yourself! Self Love is so important Angels because without it you will forever be looking to someone or something else for it!

Enjoy your Holiday Angels!


bringing people back to themselves

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